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I am often intrigued, frustrated, amused and astonished by the hair style that is known as the pony tail. There are a number of styles of pony tail- some subtle in their difference between the others on the list, some quite obviously out there! Before we have a zip through the main styles, I should give you a potted history of the p-tail, but as a prelude, my personal gripe about pony tails:
Pony tails on men! I have yet to see a descent pony tail on a man, young or old. I am afraid that it may be my age, but they should be the exclusive right of the fairer sex. I have nothing against blokes with long hair- I like heavy metal for heaven’s sake- but the sight of a sixty-something musician in a rock band, with receding grey hair and what little there is, captured into a pathetic midget pony tail is beyond the pale for me!
Women complying with European fashion of the Georgian period and right up to the 20th century were rarely were seen outside of the boudoir with their hair in such an informal and provocative style as a ponytail. It became de rigour for girls in US Colleges in the 1950s onwards and has kept going since then.
Definitions vary but it is generally agreed that ponytail is a hairstyle in which some, most, or all of the hair on the head is pulled away from the face, gathered and secured at the back of the head with a hair tie, clip, or other similar device, and allowed to hang freely from that point. It gets its name from its resemblance to the undocked tail of a horse or pony. Ponytails are usually worn at the back of the head but can be worn at the side. If the hair is divided into two ponytails then they can be referred to as bunches. If the ponytail is braided it is often then called a pigtail. Strange- never seen a pig with a braided tail…
You can have the super-long ponytail, by adding an extension (cheat!) or produce what seems to be a thicker one by mounting one ponytail atop the other. One ponytail on top of another will make your ponytail look way longer and thicker than it is. A popular technique to “grow” a p-tail or make it look more voluminous is to use a hidden butterfly clip within it to make it come out from the back of the head a little. Another favourite, especially among the Boho brigade, is to make the ponytail “messy” not all combed and lacquered into a shiny postured piece of hair, but a rather wild and frizzy statement that can actually move in the wind and when you toss your head.
Finally, use an expensive chiffon or silk scarf tied half way down the pony tail to draw attention to it. I prefer these to the hairnet type bag that some ladies use which just seems to drag the ponytail back to the late fifties!

With spring well and truly sprung for this year, the runways of New York, Milan, Paris, London and Tokyo are gearing up for next year’s spring fashions. One of the trends that seems to be around is a 1940’s to 50’s retro look. Now the late 1940’s-1950’s may get you think about blousy post-war, austere, dull and poorly-made clothes with little choice of colours or styles. Well that was then, and 60 years on the styles of yesteryear have been revisited, revamped and revitalised by the fashion houses. Think the women in the films of Éric Rohmer and François Truffaut. Try a Hermès scarf as a do-rag or alternatively tie it to you purse or handbag. Wear a skirt with buttons down the side with one or two at the bottom, near the hem, left undone. Match with a blazer, a bright boxy blouse and flat show that you can stride about the mall or the high street, shopping or visiting friends.
Of course what you are going to wear in spring depends very much where you are. While East Coast United States may mean bright warm sunny days, the same might not be true of North America or Northern Europe, where there could still be snow in March or even April. If you are living in the colder climates, do you match peep-toe spring sling-backs with an oversized woollen coat? Tricky. The usual solution- and a sensible one in my book- is to prepare for the in-between seasons temperatures by going for layers of clothing. One of the most versatile is a lightweight blazer. Blazers offer excellent coverings over fabrics like cotton and crepe that breathe and won’t be too warm but provide insulation against any chill weather. If it really is cold, then a blazer can be worn underneath an overcoat. Later, as the season warms up, you can use the blazer with a sundress or shorts. But what sort of blazer should you acquire for your wardrobe?
A floral blazer can appear tricky. But a bright large print floral blazer will look great in spring, provided it is not complicated with other fussy clothes. Match with blacks, whites and neutral colours. To avoid floral jackets from looking dowdy, steer clear of relaxed pants and stacked heels; better to have a body-conscious skirt or some fitted slacks, with plain white pumps. Topshop have some nice floral blazers for around $100.
If you want to stand out from the crowd, then go for a pinstriped black or navy jacket, but to avoid you looking too “man-copying” match it with smart jeans and a tee, or if you need to look smarter for the Office, a crisp white or black shirt or blouse.
It may seem counter-intuitive, but a blazer made of leather can be versatile, eye-catching and unusual without looking odd. Smart leather accents on lightweight fabrics like silk and crepe are a good way to keep your look edgy and sexy without going for the full vamp. Pair with fitted bottoms and some flashy gold or silver jewellery.
The key to a minimalist blazer is finding one with simple lines and even (preferably) lacking a collar. Solid colours are a must here and the blazer should be free from accoutrements including buttons, beads, and any other bells or whistles. Pair with contrasting and like colours and a pair of hyper-reflective sunglasses for maximum (or should we say, minimal) effect.
Finally, you could go for a minimalist blazer with simple lines and no collar. A good solid colour and no buttons on the cuffs will look good with over-sized shades and a skirt with a hem just below the knee- the Audrey Hepburn look!

Unless you rub shoulders with those in the fashion industry, the chances are that you won’t have come across the wordSprezzatura ( pronounced sprettsatoora). Let me explain its origins and why as a man, you should be conscious of the word when choosing your wardrobe.
Sprezzatura is an Italian word originating from Baldassare Castiglione’s “The Book of the Courtier”, where it is defined by the author as “a certain nonchalance, so as to conceal all art and make whatever one does or says appear to be without effort and almost without any thought about it”. It is the ability of a courtier to display “an easy facility in accomplishing difficult actions which hides the conscious effort that went into them”.Sprezzatura has also been described as the ability to disguise what one really desires, feels, thinks, and means or intends behind a mask of apparent indifference reticence and nonchalance. The Oxford English Dictionary defines it as “studied carelessness”. Or in modern parlance “total cool”!
The word has become rather over-used in the fashion business but it makes a change from words like “chic” “classic” and “timeless”. In fact the word has been used in the clothing world to mean several different things. Some see it as the ability to wear great clothes without seemingly having to try- throwing on clothes with an air of casual indifference, and yet looking as though you may have spent ages carefully choosing the combo. It can also refer to a guy who makes a “wrong” clothing decision, but nevertheless plays it out and holds his heads high with a smile, leaving others to dither and mither about whether it’s wrong or not, leaving the man himself to get on with his business. But it can be a fine line between carefully crafted dishelvement (like displaying a distressed look but without looking like a tramp) and appearing sloppy.
I would argue that good examples of Sprezzatura are Tommy Hilfiger, Michael Bastian and Gianni Agnelli. Some would argue that our own Top Gear presenters display how to pull off the genre and how not to. Jeremy Clarkson is sprezzatura. James May is not. See the difference?
Here are some beginner’s tips to perfecting (or possibly imperfecting) the art of sprezzatura. Present a slightly crumpled quality shirt. The quality shows you care, the lack of ironing shows you don’t care that much. Get it? A tie should be worn slightly off-beam, off true, a few millimetres off the centre of your top collar button.
Socks? Why bother? Leave them off for a day. But make sure you have designer pumps or Italian brogues and a decent pair of strides to go with your bare ankles.
A nice touch is to split your suit trousers and jacket. Wear your suit jacket or better still a tuxedo, with distressed jeans or even thick corduroy pants. Then wear your designer suit trousers with a jeans jacket, or a Guns n Roses t-shirt. Mess it up consciously- and of course never tell anyone that you’ve thought about it. It’s all a shrug-of-the-shoulders natural gesture from a man who never has to think about what he’s wearing!

With Glastonbury 2014 safely tucked away (and a roaring success) we are coming to the dog-end of the outdoor festivals in the UK and Europe. But the dilemma was there this year as in previous years (and will be there in 2015)… What do you wear to festivals? On the one hand, you want to look fashion-good if snapped and posted; celebrities in the Newspapers and Magazines, and the rest of us on Facebook pages of our friends.
There certainly seemed to be a trend at Glasto this year with… wait for it… lycra catsuits! Sienna Miller, Rita Ora, Mary Charteris and Jaime Winstone were all spotted at Glasto rocking and grooving with printed Ekat catsuits. These eye-catching clothes are designed and created by 27-year-old Ekaterina Malysheva. They are hip and desirable and are not expensive- eye-popping full body leotards are priced at £120 and come in a range of prints with odd names that sound like Glastonbury Indie bands; Monkey Tulip, Puma Parrot and Gibbon Eel.
Ekaterina founded EKAT in the summer of 2013, after what she calls a ‘life changing trip to Burning Man Festival’. She also sells leotards, leggings and swimwear. Have you heard of that particular event? Burning Man is an annual event which takes place in the week leading up to and including the United States’ Labor Day, in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert. The Burning Man organization creates the infrastructure of Black Rock City, where attendees/participants dedicate themselves to the spirit of community, art, self-expression, and self-reliance. They depart one week later, leaving no trace, and the desert is deserted again. Cosmic or hippy-dippy? Whatever the origins, it seems the catsuits, or rather Katsuits are officially desirable festival gear. One merely wonders how practical the one-piece catsuit is when faced with the dreaded festival port-a-loos!
I guess one of the key fashion preparations for any outdoor festival is a no-brainer; to take a rain check. The British weather is nothing if not unpredictable, but if there is a risk of rain, then be prepared. But then you also may see very hot sun and wind.
Bumbags (called “fannypacks” by Americans are a yes-yes. They may make you look like a tourist but you have your hands free and won’t mislay a handbag. Have one with sequins and perhaps flowers.
Next advice; leave your top-of-the-range best clothes at home, festivals are not the place for your prized sartorial possessions. You may not just get mud and rain on thembut also beer sloshings and mess from the Port-a-loos.
Take a lightweight waterproof mac. It’s far better than a bin-liner poncho that’s ripped, blowing around and letting rain trickle down your neck. French brand K-Way do great ones that fold into hip bags. Having a mac on you also means that even if it’s not raining, you always have something clean and dry to sit on. Luxury.
On the footwear front, forget designer sandals or flip-flops. There will be a lot of trudging from stage to stage and stage to tent and tent to loos etc. You will almost certainly have you toes trodden on at least once. Get some robust shoes like a pair of Converse, skate shoes or dark coloured trainers. These can be fashionable, of course, but white Nikes might never be the same after a soaking in mud, beer or worse!

Fashion trends might come and go but if there has been one that is reliable then it is that of women’s relationship with denim. The boyfriend trend is one that is in full swing at the moment and it is also set to keep us warm and cosy as autumn creeps up onto us. Boyfriend denim is the perfect form of relaxed yet stylish denim that offers a versatility that other jeans might struggle to match.

But as fun and refreshing as boyfriend jeans are, you might begin to struggle incorporating them into outfits without feeling like you’ve lost your pants and had to borrow someone else’s. In order to keep you loving the boyfriend denim trend and keeping this fresh with your wardrobe, we have compiled a few easy steps that will help you to capture your inner tomboy without you feeling as though you are in fancy dress.

Embracing The Tomboy
The tomboy style is one that relies on a few basics and can be the perfect casual cool outfit. Simply team a comfortable sweatshirt such as a logo top (which happen to be bang on trend this season) with a pair of slightly baggy boyfriend jeans. Throw in a pair of cool trainers and you have a look that ticks all the fashion boxes. Don’t let this look totally remove your femininity though; the trick is in the details! So add a touch of lip colour, roll up a sleeve and wear some jewelry or a feminine watch for add bling.

For A Statement Look
The boyfriend denim is a versatile item of clothing that allows you to team its simplicity with bolder designs and finishes. Use the jeans as a basis and then add feminine tee along with a statement necklace and a pair of killer heels for a cool and sophisticated look.

The Perfect Work And Evening Look
The trick with looking good and expressing yourself at work is to team corporate looks with a playfulness. Besides there is nothing nicer than being able to leave the office and head straight to a bar with your girls instead of having to change into another outfit that you’ve been carrying around all day. Mix the boyfriend jeans with a sleek blazer and add a touch of femininity with strappy heels and some lipstick. The trick is once again in the details so be sure to cuff the jeans to show a bit of heel and feel happy in the fact that you are perfectly teaming comfort with high fashion.

For Your Down Time
There is nothing we like to do more on our down time than slum it in a pair of sweatpants but this is a look that we caught be caught dead in anymore…even the gym isn’t safe from high fashion anymore! So freshness up your off –duty look with the boyfriend jeans, relaxed sandals and a standout tee. You’ll not only feel comfortable but you’ll also look like you’re making more effort than you have.

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