The Beat Goes All Night: Wedding Bands

Choosing your perfect wedding music can be very tedious. You have to pick music that all the guests will enjoy. Whether it comes to rock, ballads, waltz’, reggae, hip-hop, pop, Euro or any of the famous, traditional wedding songs, the guests always seem to have some sort of opinion. However, make the song very personal to you. 

You know the guests will like the music, if even they can relate it to you. Songs should be in accordance to the theme. That way, it helps add to the cultural atmosphere. The music should match the subject of the wedding. It would make sense that a traditional wedding would have traditional music, and a cultural wedding would have cultural music. However, it is still okay to have a different music pick then what may look obvious. For example, a wedding band hire in Birmingham called Apollo Soul offer a range of different sounds to fit your tastes. 

The main focus during a wedding is love. Try picking songs that are very romantic, romantic songs could never clash during a wedding. Not all songs have to have words either. Sometimes the sounds and rhythms of music speak more than words. Let the music flow into the wedding, and not clash with it. Music has a huge effect on the wedding, for it creates the mood which has a huge effect on the guests. The guests are not only there to celebrate the wedding, but also to enjoy themselves. The music should make them comfortable, and not on their toes throughout the entire ceremony, because that can be very uncomfortable. 

A live band is a great idea for weddings. That’s why most weddings have live bands. They not only add to the mood, but also the scenery. A live band looks very sharp in weddings. Guests seem to appreciate a live band more than music coming out of some speakers. However, the music should be selected in the best interest of the two people getting married. What is their favorite type of music? Usually, friends have the same tastes in music, so if all the guests coming to the wedding are friends of the bride and groom, then there is a good chance that they will like the music that the couple chooses to have playing. All in all, choose music that suites you and your wedding. The Apollo Live website has list of music they can play, this is great way to make sure your music tastes are covered. That way, you can never go wrong. 

Good Luck finding your perfect wedding Music.

Wedding Band Vs DJ, Which Is A Better Option

Choosing the musical entertainment for your wedding ceremony is a tough job because everyone wants their wedding ceremony to be a huge hit. Most of the people want to hire a wedding band Birmingham uk for their wedding ceremony.

The first thing that let you decide between wedding band and DJ would be the cost. If the cost is not the main factor. Then how do you know that which type of music entertainment you want for your wedding, it also depends on your budget, space allowances and your personal taste also?

Few things you need to consider before selecting the wedding band or DJ for your wedding are:

  1. The vibe:

The type of music you want to play at your wedding sets the tone for your wedding. The way the music is provided by the wedding band or DJ plays an important role. Both of them should know to play old and new songs. Big wedding bands often play live music.

  1. Diversity in music:

It doesn’t matter you hire a wedding band or a DJ but they should be able to play all varieties of the song, they must be a pro in playing slow and fast music.

  1. Economical :

Generally, DJs cost less as compared to a live band because of the number of pieces they are using in their band and how many members are there in a band. 

  1. Space:

It also depends upon the space available at the venue site and it should be checked that whether it has any restriction on the number of musicians and the number of equipment you bring in the place.

The advantages and disadvantages of hiring a wedding band are:

The big bands can make people more excited and create a sense of simplicity. Some master of wedding band rocked the wedding ceremonies.

Services of a wedding band:

Live music has its own pleasure and excitement.  People really enjoy watching a live performance. Your guests might not remember the taste of your cake or your wedding dress but they do remember the musicians that play music at your wedding ceremony. People will remember your wedding for years and years.

Live bands play according to the mood of people and moving from one song to another. They know how to engage the audience with the music.


A band is an expensive choice and it takes extra space, you might need to select that venue which accommodates the band members and their equipment’s.

Services offered by a DJ:

A DJ is usually less expensive than bands and can accommodate easily in the small space. They usually don’t take breaks and can be carried on all night long.

Disadvantages of a band:

The music delivered by Apollo Live Wedding Bands can attract more people than a DJ. They push the guest to stand up from their seats and dance on the floor.

One thing you can do when selecting a band or DJ is by watching them play live. For the experts selecting the wedding band is a better option as it engages the guest and creates an energetic atmosphere.

Big Metal Making A Big Difference in the Roofing Industry

If you’re planning to re-roof your property, or building a new home, deciding on the best residential metal roofing materials can make a big difference. There are a number of common profiles and factors that are considerably valuable when deciding on the type of roofing needed for your project. The price of installing a metal roof can be very cheap for the high quality recovered. Finding the perfect profile for the program can make a major difference to the lifespan of your roof, that will protect you and your family over a lifetime of home living.

Corrugated Steel SheetsCorrugated, Victorian, and profile includes a narrow pan, with ribs which are close to one another, that snap into place securing the roof. As a result of this, its ability to shrug off water is limited, and its own best suited to high pitches, normally from approximately ten degrees.

As the title Victorian profile indicates, this is an old fashioned sort of sheeting, and frequently used on period houses, or homes to suit the archaic style. It’s aesthetically pleasing and there’s absolutely no problem with this on high pitched and therefore very visible roofs.

Corrugated sheeting at Phoenix Steels also lends itself to rolling, that permits the sheeting to mould into a curve, without the requirement for cranking.


This makes it appropriate to considerably lower pitches, as it has the power to channel larger quantities of water to runoff points. Despite being slightly less visually appealing, it’s still popular both in residential uses and more often in commercial and industrial developments, like factories and malls.

IBR can be set in one of two configurations – narrow flute outside, the standard fashion, or wide flute outside, commonly used for cladding of vertical surfaces. These provide a very different aesthetic, and may be combined, producing the appearance of two unique profiles. If IBR sheeting is to be laid to a curve, the sheets could be cranked into the profile of this curve, making placing a much simpler proposition.

Secret Repair Sheeting

Secret fix profiles are usually used as a byproduct by a specific manufacturer. This is because the sheeting isn’t pierced, and this sort of sheet typically has a much wider pan, again channeling water more efficiently, they are typically acceptable for low pitches, sometimes just a few degrees.

Usually more expensive, in terms of substance, they can be cheaper in the long term, being relatively easy to lay, and with a few providers offering the choice of site rolling to your sheet length requirements. The price of installing a metal roof nevertheless does also include labour, so the price is highly lightly to even out.

Companies are also able to give metal roof installation ideas, and have the ability to offer you metal roof installation instructions. They also give advise on the best ways to minimise the expense of installing a metal roof, by deciding on the most efficient profile.