Wedding Band Vs DJ, Which Is A Better Option

Choosing the musical entertainment for your wedding ceremony is a tough job because everyone wants their wedding ceremony to be a huge hit. Most of the people want to hire a wedding band Birmingham uk for their wedding ceremony.

The first thing that let you decide between wedding band and DJ would be the cost. If the cost is not the main factor. Then how do you know that which type of music entertainment you want for your wedding, it also depends on your budget, space allowances and your personal taste also?

Few things you need to consider before selecting the wedding band or DJ for your wedding are:

  1. The vibe:

The type of music you want to play at your wedding sets the tone for your wedding. The way the music is provided by the wedding band or DJ plays an important role. Both of them should know to play old and new songs. Big wedding bands often play live music.

  1. Diversity in music:

It doesn’t matter you hire a wedding band or a DJ but they should be able to play all varieties of the song, they must be a pro in playing slow and fast music.

  1. Economical :

Generally, DJs cost less as compared to a live band because of the number of pieces they are using in their band and how many members are there in a band. 

  1. Space:

It also depends upon the space available at the venue site and it should be checked that whether it has any restriction on the number of musicians and the number of equipment you bring in the place.

The advantages and disadvantages of hiring a wedding band are:

The big bands can make people more excited and create a sense of simplicity. Some master of wedding band rocked the wedding ceremonies.

Services of a wedding band:

Live music has its own pleasure and excitement.  People really enjoy watching a live performance. Your guests might not remember the taste of your cake or your wedding dress but they do remember the musicians that play music at your wedding ceremony. People will remember your wedding for years and years.

Live bands play according to the mood of people and moving from one song to another. They know how to engage the audience with the music.


A band is an expensive choice and it takes extra space, you might need to select that venue which accommodates the band members and their equipment’s.

Services offered by a DJ:

A DJ is usually less expensive than bands and can accommodate easily in the small space. They usually don’t take breaks and can be carried on all night long.

Disadvantages of a band:

The music delivered by Apollo Live Wedding Bands can attract more people than a DJ. They push the guest to stand up from their seats and dance on the floor.

One thing you can do when selecting a band or DJ is by watching them play live. For the experts selecting the wedding band is a better option as it engages the guest and creates an energetic atmosphere.

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