With Glastonbury 2014 safely tucked away (and a roaring success) we are coming to the dog-end of the outdoor festivals in the UK and Europe. But the dilemma was there this year as in previous years (and will be there in 2015)… What do you wear to festivals? On the one hand, you want to look fashion-good if snapped and posted; celebrities in the Newspapers and Magazines, and the rest of us on Facebook pages of our friends.
There certainly seemed to be a trend at Glasto this year with… wait for it… lycra catsuits! Sienna Miller, Rita Ora, Mary Charteris and Jaime Winstone were all spotted at Glasto rocking and grooving with printed Ekat catsuits. These eye-catching clothes are designed and created by 27-year-old Ekaterina Malysheva. They are hip and desirable and are not expensive- eye-popping full body leotards are priced at £120 and come in a range of prints with odd names that sound like Glastonbury Indie bands; Monkey Tulip, Puma Parrot and Gibbon Eel.
Ekaterina founded EKAT in the summer of 2013, after what she calls a ‘life changing trip to Burning Man Festival’. She also sells leotards, leggings and swimwear. Have you heard of that particular event? Burning Man is an annual event which takes place in the week leading up to and including the United States’ Labor Day, in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert. The Burning Man organization creates the infrastructure of Black Rock City, where attendees/participants dedicate themselves to the spirit of community, art, self-expression, and self-reliance. They depart one week later, leaving no trace, and the desert is deserted again. Cosmic or hippy-dippy? Whatever the origins, it seems the catsuits, or rather Katsuits are officially desirable festival gear. One merely wonders how practical the one-piece catsuit is when faced with the dreaded festival port-a-loos!
I guess one of the key fashion preparations for any outdoor festival is a no-brainer; to take a rain check. The British weather is nothing if not unpredictable, but if there is a risk of rain, then be prepared. But then you also may see very hot sun and wind.
Bumbags (called “fannypacks” by Americans are a yes-yes. They may make you look like a tourist but you have your hands free and won’t mislay a handbag. Have one with sequins and perhaps flowers.
Next advice; leave your top-of-the-range best clothes at home, festivals are not the place for your prized sartorial possessions. You may not just get mud and rain on thembut also beer sloshings and mess from the Port-a-loos.
Take a lightweight waterproof mac. It’s far better than a bin-liner poncho that’s ripped, blowing around and letting rain trickle down your neck. French brand K-Way do great ones that fold into hip bags. Having a mac on you also means that even if it’s not raining, you always have something clean and dry to sit on. Luxury.
On the footwear front, forget designer sandals or flip-flops. There will be a lot of trudging from stage to stage and stage to tent and tent to loos etc. You will almost certainly have you toes trodden on at least once. Get some robust shoes like a pair of Converse, skate shoes or dark coloured trainers. These can be fashionable, of course, but white Nikes might never be the same after a soaking in mud, beer or worse!